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"Relax, relax. Everything was fine. I carried my pepper spray with me, and I attacked him out of defense. I snuck into the lawyer's office and signed the new divorce papers the same day. Not long after, a copy of the processed divorce was delivered to me. I could even show you it." She placed a few pieces of meat on top of his rice.


"I was going to take some rest, but something started to bother me after we separated. I wondered for a while before figuring out what it was that made me feel unease." He spoke with such a serious tone that she couldn't help but straighten her slightly hunched back.


Susu gave her a hug before settling down across from her. Tian Yuo was observing them from where he was sitting and listening attentively to their conversation.


"During the time that I spent growing the roses, she had a talk with her mother. Her life had been determined since the day she was born. When she reaches a certain age, her unique ability would be found out by some rich people and they would hunt for her. Eventually, she wouldn't be able to escape her fate."


Lin Que smirked and posed with his fingers making a check symbol against his pointy chin, "because I'm much cooler. You can only be bottom ahahahhahaa."


She sighed and looked towards the water, "Then, I finally realized that it doesn't matter how I change or how perfect I make myself to fit your ideal type because when someone doesn't have you in their heart, that person will never be able to see what the other does for them. I learned it the long and quite brutal way."

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After Chen Mu had left for work, Susu got dressed and did some last minute edits to her sketches. She was almost done with her design with just a few details to touch up. Then she would have to convert the sketch on her most updated design system to see how it will look in real life.


Meanwhile, Kitty knew that she had been recognized and couldn't stay or else her cover will be blown away. Therefore, when Ariana shouted at her direction, she started to run off. Ariana urgently told Lily to stay with Susu as she stormed out of the room to chase after Kitty.


At that moment, she inwardly cursed Tian Yuo for making that phone call earlier. If not, she would still be napping at home or enjoying a nice movie while relaxing with Chen Mu on the couch.


After a few gropes, he paused their kiss and laughed from her ticklish touches, "pffftt, hahahaha, oh my...you knew that was where I was ticklish! Ayeee, now my butt is itching!"


She rubbed her chin and stepped back and forth between stations. Suddenly, something caught her attention. Her body moved backwards a few steps as her eyes laid on the zip lock bag that was on the desk. There were a few pills inside the slightly opened zip lock bag. Judging by the wrinkles on the bag, opening of the bag and how disorganized it looked compared to everything else, Lily whispered, "bingo."


"Feverish? Are you feeling alright?" Lily frowned and quickly placed her palms on Susu's forehead. Susu shook her head and said, "Not that kind of fever. I meant... I meant like for example, after Chen Mu came out of his shower, I watched the water droplets trace down his neck.."


Tian Yuo rushed towards Susu when he saw that Chen Mu was dragging her away. Chen Mu pulled Susu behind him before Tian Yuo could reach her, "What do you think you're doing? Your new fiance-to-be is sitting right there looking at you. Aren't you too overconfident and shameless?"



In fact, she didn't even know how she would come out to telling them about herself. She looked at him with a smile that didn't reach her eyes. He could see the fear and insecurity through their eye contact.



"Geez! The one that got me mad the most was Tian Yuo!!! Every single damn year! I always reminded him of your birthday and even handed him presents! How the fuck did he forget? Were my words that hard to remember? Is he that brainless? Or am I just overestimating his intelligence if he had any to begin with? Wait, actually, he's been pretty damn gullible. Ughh!!! This is sooo frustrating!!!!"


"Here, put them together." Susu took the stem carefully and naturally knew the correct placement and where to stick the stem into the rose. Her eyes widened as she watched the rose blossom and petals soften like a real rose. She blinked at how beautiful this design worked out. It was similar to the outfit that she designed with the bendable petals, except this was like a magic trick.


Hearing his curious tone, she leaned back against her chair and paused from typing her coding system, "I would love to assist in any possible methods that is within my capabilities. Unfortunately, anything regarding this chip is not within the subject that I can disclose about. I could only ask Mister Huang to be careful of the group of people."

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