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After the van had left, Alexander decided to personally investigate Yin Zin Leung and his motives. "How did he manage to connect with Leader Rong?" On the spot, he typed in his notes app on his phone:


Zin Leung said in an agitated voice, "Karen, get dressed. We're going to Chen Corps. If we apologize, the Chen's might take back their decision. You have fifteen minutes."


Chen Mu held his most recent production in his hand and smiled proudly, "I'll definitely save her." Seeing his wide smile, Chen Nan wrapped his arm around Chen Mu and said, "Don't worry, with her flying rainbow results this time, it'll definitely work out at the end."


"I don't think anyone could accept it even though that's the truth. Even I can't process some of the things, but what else can I say? I'm stuck in this situation, and either the cancer beats me first or the drug comes to me. So, before that day comes, I really want to do what my heart is telling me to. There's something I must show Chen Mu personally."


Susu smiled, "What can I do now? Even if I find out where Professor Luo Xia got the stamps and stuff, isn't it going to be useless if I don't catch the person red handed? Which is more fun? Watching an enemy struggle while slapping hard evidence to their faces or finding out everything behind the scenes and not being able to do anything about it?"


"I believe you, but I still need to have some fun torturing these fishes. Can you have your secret team send them to my private cruise by the dock? Thanks. I owe you big time." Zhi Hei responded before he hung up the call to prepare for a busy night.

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Before Zin Leung pulled Karen up by her wrist, Chen Mu hadn't forgotten to remind him, "Also, I need to correct you on another point. It is you guys who will be living off the streets and drowning in a pool of debt. It is you guys who are losing the company and all assets. Not Susu. She's always been the winner."


"She wanted to meet me and ask me some questions. I told her that I wasn't too sure of my schedule for the next few days and she told me to let her know whenever I'm free. I wonder what she wants to ask me." Shen Wen couldn't think of anything that Susu would want to know from her.


"Anyways, I ended up with the thought that if they won't involve me, then I will play by myself. Of course, that is just my way of acting strong. Who wouldn't want friends to run around with and laugh about silly little things when they were at that age? Well, then, there was me and my secret garden with plants that I failed to take care of."


"Really." She patted his back lightly and chuckled at his protectiveness.


"Aiya, the company isn't even mine. I have the same family name as them, but I'm not going to be biased because of that. Business is business. There is a risk to everything. In addition to that I think I already made it pretty clear that I want nothing to do with them. Whether if they face bankruptcy tomorrow or win the first place in the lottery, they will have to suck it up. It's not like I could support them anyways." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Kitty! It's been a long time!" Karen pretended to be friendly with her when she recognized the logo on the nurse uniform that she was wearing.


Meanwhile, at a certain bar, Tian Yuo drank multiple shots as bitterness spread deep inside of him when he saw loving couples acting intimate with each other. He managed to get home by himself, but he didn't remember how. When he saw his mother on the couch, he curled up in a fetus position on the couch and hid his face in shame on her lap like he would as a child whenever he encountered something upsetting.



She hugged Chen Ting's waist and rested her head on his chest. Although they had stopped asking questions about why Chen Mu had suddenly became a doctor in such a short span of time, a part of them already knew it was not great news or else he wouldn't look that way earlier.



Professor Luo Xia suggested him to pause on all projects and deal with the most important ones secretly. While dealing with the projects secretly, Zhi Hei also allowed Ariana, the expert acquaintance that Professor Luo Xia had recommended to access every connection to Huang Corps' technology.


He went back to his seat, interlocked his fingers and smiled, 'How dare you interrupt my precious intimate office make out with Susu. I'll see what you guys are up to. One wrong word and you'll be doomed for bankruptcy.'


Meanwhile, in a dark, creepy chamber where containers of human organs were maintained, violent whips could be heard splitting human flesh apart. Alexander could be seen biting onto his shirt that was covered in his gum blood as the final whip split his nasty wound.

  • "I..I..I surrender! Gahahaha, s..stopppffftttt" She didn't accept his surrender this time and continued tickling him as she captured his beautiful smile.
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